Thursday, 7 July 2011

"Dandies" tea cards

My final project of second year was to create my own collection of tea cards with the theme of "Dandies", including the cards and collector's album for them.

A photo of the album and my set of 14 tea cards featuring real life dandies from the past and present. I was very happy with this project : )

Photos of the back and front of the album, alongside the original black & white pen illustrations inside the book (see below) and the original pen and watercolour dandy illustrations.

Above are the album's pages and how the album would look like when all tea cards were collected and stuck into the album. Writing and explanations by me telling a bit about each dandy and their life and other relevant information. Took a lot of time but well worth it!

A couple of close-ups of the edited pen and watercolour drawings into a card format.

The whole collection front and back views, I tried my best to recreate the original feel of tea cards and I was overall very pleased : ). Really enjoyed painting them and making everything! I hope you enjoy looking at them too x

"Beauty & The Beast" and "The Pig King"

This was a joint print project with the lovely Abigail Moulder! Please take some time to check out her blog, her work is fabulous no matter how much she denies it : ).

Our project was to create a 2-story combined fairytale book, where the book could be read both ways with one story read one side and the other the opposite. The two fairytales were "Beauty & The Beast" illustrated by me, and "The Pig King" illustrated by Abi, the stories themselves are very similar but are from different areas of the world.

The book was illustrated by linocuts, here are some of mine and you can see Abi's in photos below or can be found on her blog, we both thought that despite our linos being somewhat different in our styles they still worked well together : )

As a joint project we split the tasks up when making our book. Abi edited down the texts, turning pages into bitesize sections! Whilst I handled photoshop editing of images and book layout. And the binding of the book(s) were done together. A Lovely person to work with : )

Some photos of the final book! We hope to somehow mass produce and sell these, if you are interested in purchasing our novelty book please feel free to contact either of us : ) x

a midsummer night's dream

A series of seed packet designs based around the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare.

A photo of the original pen and watercolour illustrations of the flowers and six characters I chose from the play: Puck, Bottom, Oberon, Titania, Helena and Theseus; the flower seed I paired each character with reflected their role and persona in the play. I tried experimenting with my colour palette and being more bold with the colours (compared to my Macmillan project), and I really did like the overall result : ); Puck's design was my particular favourite.

The front and back views of the final seed packets, featuring each character's name on their own packet with a little ribbon and real seeds inside : )!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

macmillan children's book

My entry for the macmillan children's book award, "Clever Mr. Firefly", about a quiet firefly living in a village of bugs which is constantly troubled by the pesky Mr. Bird and their attempts to rid the village of him. A story for all the quiet people waiting for their moment to shine : ).

These are my 4 coloured spreads included in the dummy book.

This was my first time using proper colour in my work as I usually do black and white illustrations. I was trying to achieve a more muted and desaturated colour palette but I wasn't totally happy with it, however, I do hope to work with colour more in my work : )

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

40 thieves

In this project we were given a number randomly, and then were given 3 days to make that many artist books around the number...i got the number 40. Oh dear...but one poor person got 500 so no complaining lol?

However, we were allowed to photocopy and produce copies of the same book if our number was big, whereas the smaller numbers were expected to be more concentrated.

Considering the range of numbers given, 40 was neither too small for totally handmade books or too big for photocopied books. So in the end I created 40 hand-bound photocopied books with pen and watercolour illustrations inside, each one unique with a famous thief inside the 'pot' book; as I worked around the theme of "Alibaba and the Fourty Thieves" who hid inside pots as a disguise. As you can imagine I didn't sleep much during this 3 day project lol.

Here are a few of the pot artist books, the other thieves I included were:

Bill Sykes
Ned Kelly
Bonnie & Clyde
A.J. Raffles
Feathers McGraw
Brenden Abbott
Jack & the Beanstalk
Jonathan Wild
"The Phantom" & the Pink Panther
Scarlet Pimpernel
The Grinch
The Artful Dodger
Al Capone
Burke & Hare
Joseph "Specs" O'Keefe
Dick Turpin
Butch Cassidy & the Sunshine Kid
Vincenzo Peruggia
Willie Sutton
Winona Ryder
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Puss in Boots
Mark Zuckerberg
Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy Floyd"
Billy the Kid
Robin Hood
Bugsy Malone
The Knave of Hearts
Jesse James
Baby Face Nelson

I was very happy with the final 40 and even happier that christmas was around the corner : )