Thursday, 7 July 2011

"Beauty & The Beast" and "The Pig King"

This was a joint print project with the lovely Abigail Moulder! Please take some time to check out her blog, her work is fabulous no matter how much she denies it : ).

Our project was to create a 2-story combined fairytale book, where the book could be read both ways with one story read one side and the other the opposite. The two fairytales were "Beauty & The Beast" illustrated by me, and "The Pig King" illustrated by Abi, the stories themselves are very similar but are from different areas of the world.

The book was illustrated by linocuts, here are some of mine and you can see Abi's in photos below or can be found on her blog, we both thought that despite our linos being somewhat different in our styles they still worked well together : )

As a joint project we split the tasks up when making our book. Abi edited down the texts, turning pages into bitesize sections! Whilst I handled photoshop editing of images and book layout. And the binding of the book(s) were done together. A Lovely person to work with : )

Some photos of the final book! We hope to somehow mass produce and sell these, if you are interested in purchasing our novelty book please feel free to contact either of us : ) x

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