Thursday, 7 July 2011

"Dandies" tea cards

My final project of second year was to create my own collection of tea cards with the theme of "Dandies", including the cards and collector's album for them.

A photo of the album and my set of 14 tea cards featuring real life dandies from the past and present. I was very happy with this project : )

Photos of the back and front of the album, alongside the original black & white pen illustrations inside the book (see below) and the original pen and watercolour dandy illustrations.

Above are the album's pages and how the album would look like when all tea cards were collected and stuck into the album. Writing and explanations by me telling a bit about each dandy and their life and other relevant information. Took a lot of time but well worth it!

A couple of close-ups of the edited pen and watercolour drawings into a card format.

The whole collection front and back views, I tried my best to recreate the original feel of tea cards and I was overall very pleased : ). Really enjoyed painting them and making everything! I hope you enjoy looking at them too x

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