Wednesday, 30 November 2011

cards and christmas fair stuff~

last Saturday, a group of us Illustration students from Middlesex helped out at the Walthamstow Art Fair selling lots of Christmas goodies from cards, to tags, to decorations and our advent calendar. It was a fun day and we raised quite a bit for our Degree show : )!

As featured on my banner currently, I produced a set of dapper dandy animals cards alongside other things for the fair~

I've been experimenting with drawing with pencils as advised from my third year tutor, and so far I'm really liking them with simple watercolour <3 I hope to continue this style alongside my pen and ink work. I hope you like the cards, we managed to sell out on all of them so I am quite chuffed : ) x


  1. Looking forward to my xmas presents of these! Lovely work as always! x

  2. Hi! I work with your sister, and she sent us a link to your blog as well as the request for the cards you're selling.

    I have to say, your work is amazing and you are a very talented illustrator! Keep up the good work and hopefully we will see more of it in the future!!


  3. Abi: thanks abi : ) the same and more is always said about your work! lol don't worry you shall have them <3! x

    Marta: thank you so much, illustrating is practically everything to me and knowing that my work is liked by someone has really made my day! (so cheesy lol). Thank you again, take care! x

  4. ah ha! i only just noticed the fish on the cat's jumper. dude. that is just freaking adorable.

    by the by, have you thought of setting up an etsy store and selling some of your stuff online? i imagine things like these would go down a treat.

    ssssssspeaking of, could i possibly buy a set of the dandy animals off you?

  5. lol cute jumpers are for cats too in my world : )

    I've been meaning to set up an etsy for ages but a thing called uni keeps getting in the way lol. hopefully i'll have one set up before i graduate!

    certainly : )! i'll bring in a set for you on the monday we come back.

    hope you're having a lovely holiday! x