Saturday, 24 December 2011

merry christmas~

it's just turned christmas eve so christmas day is a nibble and a mince pie away : )~

so to everyone who has taken a part of their day to look at my work, as a thank you, here's a little christmas present to you,

I've also done a "process" video of me working on this, so if you've ever been curious as to how I do my dip pen and ink with watercolour illustrations, you can watch me here!

this is the first time I've done something like this, so there was a lot of struggling with technology and I apologise for the low quality.

duration: approx 2 hours (with wandering around and eating <3)

it was nice to revisit my dip pen style as I've been doing a lot of pencil, I hope you like it!

merry christmas : ) x

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

little look at "The Bloody Chamber- Puss in Boots"

the first project of my third year at middlesex was to do three illustrations plus the cover for "The Bloody Chamber" by Angela Carter, for the Folio Society competition.

i'm currently re-working my illustrations to make them darker but here's a little look at my illustration for Carter's 'Puss in Boots'. This project was when I decided to use pencil to illustrate, i'm starting to really enjoy this medium, I hope you like it too x

aesop's fables~ "the swollen fox"

currently everyone on my course are all juggling four different core projects, competition work and a dissertation each, so the stress is on!

here's a little peep of one of my projects to illustrate two aesop's fables,

this double spread is from "the swollen fox", about a starving fox finding food in a small hole in a hollow tree, scoffing it all down and then encountering the problem of not being able to get out again. Poor thing..

it's done with pencils, HB - 6B, i'm quite happy with how it's going so far : )
i'm experimenting on dropping in colour but still trying things in photoshop.

look forward to seeing it when finished~ x