Friday, 18 May 2012

macmillan children's book competition 2012

It's been a very long time~ Uni projects are now finished and being assessed and all's left to do is set up our degree show : ). Since january we've only had to juggle our final major project alongside a competition, of which I chose to do the Macmillan children's book prize.

My book is called "100 Hiccups!" and here is a little preview of it~
I shall upload my final major project animation at a later date, as some changes are being done before the degree show. I wish everyone luck for the macmillan prize!

On a separate note to arty work, here is my finished and hand bound dissertation~
There was a prize for best presented book relating to their topic, my dissertation was about, "The Portrayal of Masculinity of Western and Far-Eastern Men in Popular Culture: Are Western Men Becoming Far-Eastern Men?", so I bound mine as a gossip magazine : )


  1. Hi, just saw your cover. First thought was "Nice!" Second was; excellent work, hope she'll do my cover when I get published.

    1. Hello, sorry for the late reply.. Thank you, that's very kind of you and I'd be happy to illustrate a cover for you : ). Good luck getting published!

  2. This looks amazing :)
    Im a childrens book writer / Illustrator to :)